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Mt. Pleasant Church Pastor Position Open

Mt. Pleasant Church seeks a candidate for full-time* pastor who subscribes to the Statement of Faith and bylaw provisions of the church and whose life aligns with the qualifications of a pastor as described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The statement of faith and bylaw provisions will be provided to interested candidates upon receipt of resume.

Mt. Pleasant Church is a congregation of believers nestled in the Furnace Mountain community of Taylorstown, near Leesburg, Virginia. We are a small, conservative, Bible believing, traditional country church, involved in our area community. We are comprised of a strong network of volunteers actively seeking to grow in Christ and to enrich our community.

We are a loving, caring church that is seeking an enthusiastic pastor who is committed to guide and nurture us in Christ’s love. The church is open to a Bible centered pastor, led by the holy spirit to teach the scriptures, and walk in faith and prayer with the community. 


Who we are:

  • Average weekly attendance 50

  • Number of members 110

  • Average member age is 55.

  • Formerly Mt. Pleasant UMC


List of ministries include: VBS, Rise Against Hunger, Compassion International, food bank and local meal deliveries, strong mission outreach, local school kits, frequent potluck, holiday outreach. New International Ministry, Weimar, Ben Seidl, Regional Director Germany; Japan karaoke ministry, Josh Curl and UMC University, Sierra Leone and Dr. Tendaj Paul Manyeza.

Essential Functions of the Job (EFJs):

  • Deliver a clear and compelling message, possess strong teaching skills, and, can lead and inspire. Be well spoken.

  • Lead scheduled Bible study groups.

  • Congregant and community visitation.

  • Ability to work in a collaborative team environment.

  • Lead weekly adult Sunday school.

  • Attends called meetings that include monthly administrative council meeting, bi-monthly trustee meeting, and special committee meetings when called upon.

  • Selects temporary service leader in event of vacation or scheduled absence.

  • Be in agreement with Mt. Pleasant Church’s Statement of Faith.

  • Agrees to background check that includes financial, criminal, and previous job experiences.

  • Serve an initial probation period that includes an annual review.



  • Education minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry and/or Bible theology or equivalent experience. As an example: public speaking, church leadership, have a calling to serve, evangelism.

  • Licensing experience – candidate will list active licenses obtained and include the renewal date due.

  • Provide condensed list previous positions held, job functions and a ministry philosophy statement.

  • Submits a previous recorded sermon with resume.

  • Submits a condensed list of examples of communication and people skills, counseling, and compassion.

    • Example: led Bible study or Sunday School, conducted certain counsel groups.

  • Possess computer skills including Microsoft Office and, have ability to conduct virtual meetings and/or sermons.

  • Agrees to background check acknowledged through signed forms.

  • The above is meaningless without the applicant having a true relationship with Christ and a solid grasp of the scripture.


*This position is exempt. Other variations of the full-time description will be considered. Includes bivocation, dual churches and/or less than full-time. Benefits negotiable.

Submit resumes, list of previous positions and job functions, philosophy statement, and recorded sermon  to:

For where two or three are wgathered in my name, xthere am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

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